1. Adorified audio empowers creators, publishers and listeners, to reimagine audio in a world of new interfaces, and changing needs.

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  1. We appreciate for your interest in Adori Labs and our product. We will get back to shortly about how you can help us launch.Kartik and Nathan,Cofounders, Adori Labs, Inc.

    Help us Adorify audio.

    1. We are in beta, and currently engaging with the audio content ecosystem spanning intelligent voice assistants, digital streaming and broadcast radio.

    If you are one, and like what we can do for your audio, please contact us at beta@adorilabs.com or drop us a note right here.

  1. Yup! Audio embraced mobile!
    So we now:
    Stream, Explore, Playlist,
    Share, Download & Subscribe
    Are we done?
    Is this enough?
    Not by a long shot!

  1. Neglected audio

    Audio trails video & text in access to platforms and tools leveraging current technology. Music, the category leader in audio is dealing with a misaligned value chain. Emerging categories such as podcasts are already facing battles for control.

  2. Creators need help

    Artists and writers receive a pittance of the money their songs earn. Royalties and copyright issues remain complex. Podcasters struggle to produce, and sustainably monetize, despite rapidly growing consumption of user generated content.

  3. Publishers need help

    Leading digital audio platforms have users in millions and valuations in billions but remain unprofitable. Radio is huge, but the broadcast experience is antiquated in a mobile centric world. Poor audience analytics hinders improvement.

  4. Listeners need help

    Listeners deal with fragmented access, an explosion of content, and inflexible user experiences. Bridging radio & digital listening is frustrating. The inability to interact and fulfill calls-to-action in real time, reduces engagement.

  1. We are hiring!
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    Interested in redefining Audio?
    Have iOS, Android, DSP, backend experience?
    We love full stack and full time, but are open to part-time, consulting and internships.

    We believe in sharing and ownership, and are generous with equity.

    Santa Clara and Bangalore

    Connect with us to learn more.

  2. Nathan Iyer

    Nathan is an engineer and entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years developing pioneering technology in communication, media and devices.

    Cofounder and CTO, Ivivi Technologies
    RFMD | WJ | Aurora Networks

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  3. Kartik Parija

    Kartik is a CS and Applied Math guy who has spent the past 18 years as a serial entrepreneur building tech businesses both hands-on and as a VC.

    Cofounder and GP, Zephyr Peacock
    NASA-JPL | Toucan | Ventureast

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  1. Headquarters

    3120 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 119
    Santa Clara, CA 95054


  2. Bangalore

    4th Floor, 408 4th Cross St. (CMR Road)
    HRBR Layout, 2nd Block, Kalyan Nagar
    Bangalore 560043, India