Protect your Content from Deepfakes

Empowering Trust in the Age of AI

How you can protect your content from deepfakes

Why use our Blog to video Maker?


Robust Watermarking

Uniquely identifiable markers embedded in content than can survive various manipulations such as transcoding, modulation, demodulation etc.

Watermarking Type

Blind (original is not required to detect)


>60dB noise floor


Scrambled Pseudorandom Sequence numbers (PRN)

Data Payload

4 Bits Per Second

Error Correction

Powerful forward error correction circular code is used to overcome silences.
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Cutting-edge features for using AI Authentication

Brand Protection: Safeguard brand reputation from AI-based manipulation.

Visual and Audio verification

Comprehensive coverage for various types of content.

Instant Recognition

Swiftly discern AI-generated content from human-created.
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Ownership Attribution

Accurate identification of content origin.

Trust restoration

Rebuild credibility and trust with verifiable content.
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