Adori Labs Adds YouTube™ as a Destination for Audio Content Distribution

Audio content creators can now directly publish their audio-visual content from Adori’s unique multimedia platform to their YouTube channels to generate revenues

Santa Clara, CA–(Feb 08, 2021) 

Monetizing audio content (podcasts, live streaming audio, etc.) has traditionally encountered several roadblocks, including technological, publishing channel, and ecosystem interoperability. Besides, leveraging platforms such as YouTube as a destination for audio-first content has been elusive due to the static nature of the YouTube podcast videos. Audio content creators on the Adori Studio platform, however, can now leverage visuals embedded in their audio streams and publish a far richer experience for YouTube’s audiences.

YouTube is the global leader in video and one of the fastest-growing platforms for audio content due to its unmatched discovery and personalized recommendation engines. Today, several podcasters publish their episodes as a video playlist on their YouTube channel using their show image as their thumbnail. Adding visuals, links, polls, images, banner ads, etc. to a podcast can make it an engaging and lean-forward experience for viewers on YouTube.

Adori is already capable of generating video files from any audio stream with the visuals baked in at their defined positions with pleasing transitions. This can be done at both the track and feed levels with just a single mouse click. Integration of the Adori Studio platform with YouTube via its API now enables automated publishing directly and benefits both creators with reach and YouTube with innovative new content. 

Commenting about the API support/compliance and the Adori Studio integration with YouTube, Nathan Iyer, Adori co-founder and CEO said, "We are excited to offer our audio content creators with YouTube as an additional destination for distribution. This also opens up new monetization channels for the creators on the Adori platform. Best of all, content developers can effortlessly publish from the Adori platform directly to their YouTube channels and watch their revenue streams grow."  

About Adori Labs: Adori has built an end-to-end platform focused on audio publishers to unlock new value from this under-leveraged medium. Adori’s patented technology transforms audio from a passive medium into an interactive multimedia experience that enables creators to reimagine audio as a rich document where they can embed companion media to elevate “micro-moments” in their content. These include visual calls-to-action such as links, polls, images, banner ads, brand placement, buy buttons, video clips, and more, that empower consumers to lean-in and actively engage as they listen. 

By positioning the platform between post-production and pre-publishing in the audio content workflow, Adori combines its unique interactive audio technology with powerful productivity and business tools for improved distribution, monetization, and analytics. For example, Adori makes it simple for creators to "take their story everywhere" to maximize their audience and publish their content as podcasts, videos, and social media snippets.

Adori’s customers worldwide include podcast networks, broadcasters, new media companies, and individual creators. The company is based in Santa Clara, CA with a globally distributed team, and is supported by early-stage VCs, angel investors, and experienced advisors.

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