Adori Labs Announces Interactive Podcast Player

Adori’s path-breaking and patented AI/ML-driven technologies also natively empower audio content ecosystem players to better monetize podcasts by providing measurable and actionable audience insights.

Santa Clara, CA–(November 02, 2018) 


  • Provides natively interactive and measurable audio in the audio value chain, leading to reimagining user experience, engagement, ad channels, business models, and monetization
  • Enables audio driven new media experiences across mobile and smart speaker devices and creates value for all ecosystem players
  • Leverages built-in identification, tracking and attribution for unprecedented insights and market analytics for podcast content creators, podcasters, and advertisers

Adori Labs®, Inc., the leading innovator of natively interactive and measurable audio platforms and solutions, today announced the availability of the world’s first interactive podcast player. The underlying patented technologies leverage mobile, smart speaker, automotive, and mixed reality interfaces along with cloud computing, AI, and machine learning to deliver unique listener experiences. For the first time ever, content providers, podcasters, and advertisers have access to advanced capabilities that help better monetize the audio value chain.

There is an increasing demand for all content to be interactive, contextual, actionable, and deeply measurable. Consumers expect immediate responses to their “micro-moments”, and are disappointed if they are not addressed promptly and delightfully. Traditionally, audio has trailed text, image, and video in meeting these expectations. Intelligent assistants and new interfaces are also driving demand for interactivity. Content creators and publishers view it as an opportunity to better connect with their audiences, measure engagement, and monetize content. A recent study conducted by PwC and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has projected US podcast ad revenues to more than double by 2020 (from 2017), to $659 Million. The Adori Audio Platform comprehensively addresses this massive opportunity.

The Adori technology platform has been designed bottom-up with an “audio-first” approach. Any content generator or distributor can now embed contextual information or instructions (Adorify™), and any consumer app or connected device (Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Google Assistant, etc.) can integrate Adori’s SDK to render it. For example, Adorified™ audio can be used to target and deliver immersive experiences from the audio as it plays - consisting of ads, links, relevant content, social feeds, one-click transactions, etc. With estimated click through rates of 5%+, which is 15 times higher than the Google display benchmark, Adori opens up new possibilities for audio publishers who are looking for new and innovative ways to drive revenue.

The Adori platform integrates underlying technologies, a robust API interface for developers, an AI/ML driven design studio, and analytics to deliver excellent value for all stakeholders:

  • Creator, Publisher, Distributor or Brand uploads audio, or connects live stream via cloud API and live Adorifier, which adds actionable tags embedded within the audio signal
  • The AI and ML-driven Adori Studio™ on the web or mobile to natively markup Adorified audio with attribution, contextual calls to action, monetization, and targeting rules
  • An analytics engine with a versatile dashboard that provides deep audience insights in the form of access, attribution, and engagement to creators, publishers, distributors, advertisers, and brands

“The beauty of the Adori platform is that it can work for live podcasts as well as audio on demand”, said Grant Tothill, Head of Podcasting, Southern Cross Austereo, Sydney, Australia. “As the largest podcaster in Australia with PodcastOne™, Southern Cross Austereo has been able to reach out to a huge audience that’s ever asking for interactivity. Adori takes us several steps closer to the listener and adds tremendous value to our advertisers and content producers.”

“We are delighted to announce the much anticipated release of the interactive podcast player, which has been purpose built to meet the stringent needs of podcast creators, advertisers, and listeners” said co-founder of Adori Labs, Inc. “Our early-adopters are seeing tremendous opportunities to both convert podcasts as a “lean-forward” experience and offer advertisers audience insights never deciphered before.”

Contact Adori Labs for details on pricing for the platform-as-a-service offering. The podcast player is supported on iOS and Android devices. The Adori Podcast reference app is available for immediate download from Apple iTunes® and Google Play®. Developers and content creators can access more information from their website and download the Adori SDK on request.

About Adori Labs

Adori Labs, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, is the leading innovator in interactive audio. Adori has built a technology platform that enables audio to be natively interactive and measurable. Adori’s listener engagement and analytics platform addresses enterprise opportunities in the audio value chain. It leverages mobile, smart speaker, automobile and mixed reality interfaces to deliver deep consumption insights and market analytics. More information can be found at

Adori Labs®, Adori Audio Platform™, Adori Studio™, Adorify™,and Adorified™ are trademarks of Adori Labs Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Other product and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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